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Our parents often teach us how to combat educational struggles but our mental health is often left out of the equation. This blog is to teach you everything you were not taught, mainly focusing on emotional and some financial struggles. Most of what I write about I had personal experiences or I heard anecdotes from friends that helped me develop opinions and advice. I started this blog because I feel like I have a support system and plethora of experiences that taught me a lot indirectly and directly but not everyone is that lucky. This blog is just one way I plan on changing the world for the better. 


If you ever need someone to talk to or if you need personal advice feel free to DM me on any one of my socials or email me. I have no life so I’ll always respond (lmao!). Feel free to suggest topics you’d like to read about. Continue to increase your knowledge, break generational curses, and live happier! YOU GOT THIS!

More about me specifically, I'm 17 years old, a Virgo sun, Leo rising, and Gemini moon. 

Love,  Alana Brielle

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