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Living Your Best Young Life- Putting It Into Action

Summer is here and you NEED to take advantage of it.

I love being in my bed as much as the next girl but go on some adventures! Especially if you live in the city, there are literally thousands of things you can do. I live in Brooklyn but Manhattan and every other borough is just a train ride away and I consistently stay within a 4-mile radius of my house. In a way, I'm writing to myself right now cause I legit don’t leave the house but if this helps you too then we litt ! Fingers crossed Ms.Rona (COVID-19) is gone so we could actually be outside, but even if she isn't, put these plans in the vault!

Note: This entry is gonna be kind of short in comparison to my other ones, the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Okay, so first things first planning things with friends. Now if you’re black (like I am) this is especially difficult but try your best because it’s soooooo worth it! Go to a movie as a group, go to an amusement park, the pool, the beach, or even the park. Just go out with your friends. And I can’t tell you just go out and not give suggestionsssss, so my favs are down below!

Next, if you live in Brooklyn or in any of the five boroughs these are a must!

(name and location included )

1. Coney Island (Brooklyn)- yes, it’s childish but so many nostalgic memories take place there! Go before it’s too late! AVOID THE BEACH ITS GROSS. Ifykyk. Luna Park is cute too!

2. BBP ( Brooklyn Bridge Park) - the ghetto! but it’s actually pretty fun, all nonsense aside. there’s an ice cream place that’s really good and a whole bunch of other activities.

3. Area 53 (Brooklyn) - it’s laser tag! I've only been like 2 times but it was pretty enjoyable. I would strongly advise going with the right people because if you don’t it gets boring fast.

4. Beat the Bomb (Brooklyn)- again I strongly advise you to go with the right people. but overall it’s really fun and messy.

5. Museum of Illusions (Manhattan)- if your group of friends likes to take pictures every day this is the place to go! I haven't gone yet but I'm feening! just go & tag me so I could see the pictures!

6. The Painted Pot (Brooklyn)- I'm not sure if you can do actual hands-on pottery with the clay and everything but you can paint other works and that is literally the most fun ever. It’s a cute date idea too!

7. Black Tap (Manhattan)- the food is like a 7.6/10 and the fries are really salty BUT the deserts are good (the milkshakes especially) and there’s good scenery to take pictures. Most of the walls are decorated nicely especially the most well-known one on the stairs.

8. Big Daddy’s (Manhattan)- their food is a 10/10 for sure. I highly recommend the tater tots and cookie monster milkshake. I’ve been going since around 2017 and they’ve yet to disappoint! Once again, great scenery to take pictures. It feels like you stepped right into a comic book!

9. Museum of Sex (Manhattan)- the only bummer is you have to be 18, but if you are have fun!

10. Aviator (Brooklyn) - it’s really far out but there are thousands of things to do there from bumper cars all the way to rock climbing.

Honorable Mention :

iPlayAmerica (NJ)- Okay, this one is more of a field trip but it's literally an inside amusement park. I went for my birthday in 2018 and there are rollercoasters, go-cart racing, arcade games and basically any other ride you'd see an amusement park. Plus the food is really good and there's plenty of walls they set up to take pictures in front of.

Here are some super embarrassing pictures from the last time my friends & I went:

Their socials-

Rocky-- @racquelwilson (insta)

Mae- Mae Rose (FB)

Remember to love yourself, trust the process & live happier

LanaSpeaks, signing off 💕


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