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Mainly Manifestation

Learn how to make your dreams and personal goals a physical reality!

First and foremost, by my personal definition, manifestation is literally just making your dreams and aspirations a physical reality by using positive energy, thoughts, and feelings. There are 50 billion definitions based on 50 billion perspectives but once you understand the basics you’ll be able to add to that. If you’ve done your personal research on this topic you know of the term “Law of Attraction” (if you want a more detailed explanation about that comment below and I’ll make that topic a separate article). Also, keep in mind this is a “tutorial” for beginners, this is literally the most simple way to manifest. The more knowledge you acquire the higher you move up and the easier it becomes.

“With an open mind and an open heart, you can change the world for the better.” - Alana Brielle

There are three easy steps to manifest literally anything you want. Keep in mind you need to have a clear conscious and open heart and mind for this to work. If you don’t have those things you need to spend some extra time on step 2.

Step 1: Pick something to manifest.

This can literally be anything from a new pencil to a million-dollar house. Literally the whole world watched B.Simone manifest DaBaby, I use the example just to show you it could literally be anything. It doesn’t have to be a goal or aspiration, those are just the most common ones. You could manifest financial security, getting into the college of your choice, or even a new boo. Remember there’s no time limit whatsoever, it could take anywhere from 24 hours to decades. It’s all up to how much time you invest in the process.

Questions to ask yourself- Do I really want this? Will I want this 2 months from now? What about 2 years from now? How will I directly benefit from this thing? Will this change be good for me and those around me in the long run?

Manifestation is NOT used for negativity, your true intentions should always be positive. You should probably start smaller in terms of beginner manifestation, start with a stepping stone. For example; if you want to manifest getting into your dream school you should start with manifesting the grades to be considered in the application process.

Step 2: Remove Obstacles

Obviously there’s always going to be something to stand in your way. That’s literally how life works. You can’t change that but you can combat it. The most common manifestation block is timing. It may not be your time to acquire that blessing. This DOES NOT mean it will never happen, it just means you need to experience life and endure more character development before you’re ready to receive it. Keep working at it, your time will come. The second most common block is toxic people and their surroundings. Manifestation is a positive thing and it strictly thrives on positivity. If you’re consistently in a position of depression and self-doubt, I’m sorry but manifestation will not work for you. I would strongly advise you to fix that before investing time in manifestation, you never know, you just may be the “toxic” person blocking everything. Just be sure to surround yourself with nothing but positivity and good vibes during this process and after you get what you manifested.

Step Three: The Actual Manifestation

Great, you’ve completed steps one and two and you’re ready to begin. Manifestation is basically an advanced visualization.

Visualize exactly what you want with as much detail as possible. Think of exactly what you see, smell, hear, and feel. You have to think of this thing like you already have it. Focus on the end result. Example: the grand opening, the triple-platinum record, the art gallery in Paris, the graduation. Intention and detail orientation is so important in this entire process.

Advice; the way I did it was to visualize exactly what you want every single day. Life happens so you may forget to do it every day off the top of your head but MAKE A REMINDER. I set an alarm for exactly 3:45 pm cause I knew I’d be awake or out of school at that time. Three to five minutes every day is enough, just make sure you visualize as vividly as humanly possible. I can’t stress it enough, DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT. So if you want to visualize graduation imagine the colors you see, imagine the people you see, even imagine the birds in the sky!

With manifestation comes a different attitude, you need to move differently! Not act funny or fake towards family and friends but ride a brand new wave. You cannot engage in the same nonsense you used to. Fighting people’s children, being messy on Facebook, getting in drama every five minutes? THAT'S A NO GO. Your behavior needs to reflect everything you manifested. If you manifested a business, move like a businesswoman or man. If you manifested a college degree, move like a graduate. But most importantly, make sure you manifest and keep working. You can’t just manifest something then sit on your ass every single day and expect it to magically happen. Manifestation is just extra support and good vibes towards your cause but YOU need to make it happen. No one else is going to make the effort but you, not God, not the universe, nobody. Do what you have to do.

I hope this was a huge help if you have any questions let me know in the comments or email me privately. I love you guys and every good thing you want you will get it. Pray on it, believe it, work for it and it WILL happen. Speak it into existence.

Remember to love yourself, trust the process & live happier

LanaSpeaks, signing off 💕


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