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6 Must Listen To Albums

Just showcasing my favorite albums from the last two years. they're amazing and deserve recognition.

Girl, before I get in trouble every single picture in the collage above was cropped from Apple Music. I just arranged them accordingly but all picture credit goes to APPLE MUSIC.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” -Bob Marley

Aminé, ONEPOINTFIVE - Okay so firstly, Aminé is such an underrated artist but literally every single song he drops is heat. But on to ONEPOINTFIVE, this album is specifically one of my favorites just because it was literally the soundtrack of my 2018 Summer. Most of his songs start with the voice of the one and only Rickey Thompson so that moment alone was iconic. The songs are so relatable in terms of the feelings associated with getting older, depression, love and everything else. What I like most about this album is it’s such a vibe, in certain songs the beats are calm in the beginning then it turns into a “turn up” song. So if that’s what you like, this album is where it’s at fr! Explaining this album is so hard, but if your life has lowkey been in shambles lately, this piece of art is definitely for you. He speaks on his personal confidence and touches on black pride @ all my beautiful black queens and kings. Suggested songs (my personal favs): Cantu, Reel it in, Hiccup and Chingy. This album also features some of the greats like Rico Nasty, G-Herbo and Gunna. Overall, there are no skips at all, 13/13. I would recommend playing this at like 2pm on a sunny day to feel the full effects.

Side Note: Aminé is literally the love of my life so if y’all could get him to see this that would be amazing!!!!!

Brent Faiyaz, F*ck the World- Honestly, Christopher damn Brentwood gets so much hate for absolutely no reason. If you have that narcissistic type of selfish personality, whether you wanna admit it or not, this album is for you. But even if you’re in the process of learning to be unapologetic and focus on putting you first this album is for you. His voice is so soothing and it feels like he’s singing directly into your soul. There’s not much to say about this album except he did the damn thing. Suggested songs: Clouded and Bluffin. No features, no skips his talent speaks for itself. 10/10. Moral of the story really is, F*ck the World!

Chance the Rapper, The Big Day- It’s the funniest thing because I got turned on to Chance in the 7th grade by my English teacher Ms.Alexis Wint (she's a poet you should 100% google her, she’s amazing). She used to play Sunday Candy so repeatedly and it kinda grew on me so I looked him up and got into Acid Rain. I’ve been hooked ever since. If you’re a church-going individual that likes to turn up every once in awhile, I definitely recommend Chance! This album was written for his wife, I’m mad that he even has one but we ain’t even gonna speak on that right now. Normally I’m not even the type to want to listen to lovey-dovey mess all the time, but this album has been on repeat since it came out! If you have older parents this album is definitely going to be a great one in your eyes. He uses the tracks of some old school songs and even features SWV on one of his songs! Hearing a black man confess his undying love for his black wife is super refreshing, to say the least. We love Chance, totally stan worthy. And best of all, the queen of rap, Onika Tanya Miraj is featured on two of his songs. It legit doesn’t get any better than that. Suggested songs: Eternal (A BOP), Ballin and Flossin, Big Fish and Zanies and Fools. Overall, great features only one skip (Town on the Hill), 21/22.

Jhené Aiko, Chilombo- Finally getting into my personal favorite, she is just a queen. There’s no more to be said after that, she radiates Queen energy. She acknowledges her feelings, doesn’t put up with bullshit and knows when to say enough is enough. It’s super cute how men say they want a Jhené opposed to a Megan Thee Stallion or a Nicki Minaj when she literally talks about all the same things they do in a calm and tranquil manner. But that’s men for ya. But into this amazing woman’s musical craft, not only does she have the voice of an angel but she puts in the time, effort and intention. Chilombo isn’t my favorite album of hers but it’s definitely a close second. This album was about heartbreak, and that especially hit close to home so if that’s where your heart is right now I highly recommend it. Jhené went to Hawaii to write and she used crystals and singing bowls to create this meditative masterpiece. Not to mention each note she used in each song aligns with a different chakra. She goes more in-depth with that on her personal accounts, I also advise you to watch her explanations of everything on YouTube! Suggested songs: None of your Concern, HOE, Magic Hour, B.S, and Mourning Doves. Overall, I loved the features, she features my baby H.E.R!! 20/20.

Ariana Grande, Sweetener (bottom right)- Now everyone knows the queen of pop music but this album is just a whole mood. If you're an Ari fan and haven't been under a damn rock you know how much she's been through over the past two years and this album just started a whole new era for her. In her words, this album just reflects her personality more and we LOVE THAT FOR HER. In terms of music and production, its just top tier all around. In comparison to her other works of art, this album was so much lighter in terms of the beats and how she was singing. You could really just hear the growth and happiness in her voice. And the theme of her album reflects that she also touches on womanhood and strength. Suggested songs: Borderline, R.E.M, get well soon and the light is coming. The features were fantastic, there are hints of Nicki and Missy Elliott which is always a VIBE. Overall, 15/15 don't you dare skip.

Khalid, American Teen (top right)- Last but never least Khalid! I saved this album for last because it perfectly aligns with the theme of my blog. Teenagers enjoying teenage things. This album is perfect for anytime you're living in the moment, whether that be out with your friends or on a date with yourself. This album has a very 80’s vibe of just hanging out with friends, young love and going on adventures. Everything everyone reading this should be doing. His voice is the perfect balance of raspy and smooth. If you’re a really “i'm just going with the flow” type of person this album was personally written for you. Suggested songs: Young, Dumb and Broke & Angels. Again, no features and no skips. 15/15.

Honorable mentions:

1- Cranes in the Sky by Solange. Yes, that’s Beyoncé’s sister but that’s not how we address her over here ! This specific song talks about FEELING THROUGH YOUR EMOTIONS. You can’t just work them away or ignore them you need to feel through them and work through them.

2- I Think by Tyler the Creator. He’s one of my all-time favorite artists and this song is just about love. Even if you can’t relate to what he’s speaking on the song alone is a bop. The production, the beat, his voice? Amazing, highly recommended.

3- Any Don Toliver song. It’s as simple as that, yes you may recognize his song “No Idea” from TikTok but this artist is more a storyteller and mood enhancer than anything else. My personal favorite songs by him are Cardigan, After Party and Talk No More.

4- Your Soul by Forrest & Biskwiq. If you’re feeling especially sad or just out of it, blast this song. His soulful sound is guaranteed to boost any mood. Honestly, starting your day with this song on repeat can make such a difference. Highly recommended.

5- Mad at Me by Kiana Ledé. If your significant other is doing nothing but nonsense and you need a song to boss up, THIS IS IT. She’s so cool and calm about it too, it’s a classy come-up and we love that. The song as a whole is so calm and soothing but the lyrics will resonate with you if that’s your situation.

Let me know if you want more song suggestions! I do a song of the day on my snap (@justalana1717) so there’s that too.

Remember to love yourself, trust the process & live happier

LanaSpeaks, signing off 💕


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